I'm Ron Manley. My technical expertise is in Climate Change, Water Resources and Hydrology. My experience is worldwide and includes South-East Asia, Middle East, Europe (West and East) and Africa. This website is to highlight my skills and experience in a way that a CV cannot do.

What I can do

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Setting up, supervising and managing projects.

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Climate change

Downscaling climate change projections analysing climate change impacts.

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Hydrological Modelling

Modelling hydrological processes for climate change impact, resource assessment and floods.

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Water Resources

Analysis of water resources availability for drinking, industry, irrigation and hydropower.

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Political sensitivity

Work in politically sensitive areas and transboundary river basins.

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Study environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands.

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Academic Credentials

I am the author of peer reviewed papers. My hydrological model has been used by Universities in the UK and Asia.

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I work worldwide. Green-climate and hydrology. Blue-other work. Yellow-my hydrological model used by others.